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Riviera Sydney Team

Meet our Riviera Sydney Team

The success of our team is based on our customer service and our passion for the marine industry. Meet the people who guide, advise and support you at every stage of buying your boat.

We’re with you every step of the way.

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Andrew Bettini

“ Selling boats is all about relationships and that’s what we build at R Marine Sydney.”

Andrew always had a passion for all things boating, having grown up on the water in Sydney. Weekends were usually spent on the family cruiser (a Riviera of course!) or waterskiing/wakeboarding with friends on the Parramatta River. Andrew’s career in the boat industry started before he left school, working at Westport Marina (now d’Albora Cabarita) as the fuel boy on weekends and on the slip way during school holidays. After leaving school Andrew’s passion for boats led to running a detailing business, along with yacht management and skippering. However, he found his true calling when he began working in brokerage 11 years ago. Andrew has built up a wealth of knowledge of all boat brands and models, and he thrives on sharing this knowledge and passion with his customers.

Matching the right boat to his customer is paramount. Since starting at R Marine Sydney, in early 2010, Andrew relished the opportunity to sell the iconic Riviera brand, and loves working with customers to customise new builds to suiting his customer’s requirements. Andrew’s phone is always on for clients who either have a boat related problem or just want know where to anchor for lunch.

Wayne Smith

“In the last seven years I have seen R Marine Sydney grow into a leading boat dealership. I’ve developed a passion for the luxury boating industry assisting Mike steer the good ship. Even in the last 3 years there’s been an increase in customers who are interested in life on the water and subsequently purchased one of our boats.”

Marine Sydney’s Financial Controller is known for his attention to detail, someone who takes much pride in his work. Wayne always dots the ‘I’s’, crosses the ‘T’s’ and gets the job done. His educational pursuits included Business Accounting major. With over 20 years experience as Financial Controller, Wayne has worked for motor trade companies such as Sydney City Motorcycles, Bayliner Marine and Suttons Motor Group. Some career highlights in his 7 years at R Marine Sydney, are the introduction of accounting governance and practices, as well as customising the in-house accounting software application specifically for the marine industry. Colleagues say he responds to internal financial requests at warp speed. Wayne enjoys watching his beloved football team, playing his guitars and enjoys team days on Sydney Harbour where he likes to not think about taxation law and EBITs.

Cameron McGoogan

“I am the go to person for our customers who have bought, are buying or are selling from us. They need anything for their boat they’ll come to us. I know 90% of the boat owners who come to us and they are usually part of the R Marine Sydney family who’ll come to our events and are also very passionate about their boats.”

R Marine Sydney’s Service Manager Cameron is always on the search for a new challenge. Fact: An extreme sports enthusiast on weekends, Cameron brings a decade’s worth of owning and operating his own shipwrighting business to being an award winning Service Manager in 2013 at R Marine Sydney. Like a captain sailing his ship into port he overseas operational activities such as the anti-fouling, servicing, delivery/servicing and purchase estimates. Word of mouth referrals have customers calling on his expertise to recommend a used boat. Through hard work Cameron has introduced quality control in the business and advises customers on boat insurances and extended manufacturer warranties. To perform this range of activities Cameron is very patient and knowledgeable in all areas of the marine industry and this helps him deal with the customers and suppliers. He does like to captain the whole team and is at home handling the many customer challenges when first operating their new or used boats.

Peter Devery

“I never understood how complicated boat buying was until I became a Riviera boat broker 12 years ago. First time buyers forget that not only do they need to work within a budget when it comes to the purchase price but they also need to understand the true maintenance and operating costs of the boat selected.”

Pete’s early years learning the ropes, in detailing around Sydney marinas and delivering boats from Hamilton Island through to Tasmania (primarily Riviera boats) clearly gives him an all-rounded approach to selling boats. Over the last 12 years he worked up the ladder to become Senior Sales Executive going about his day-to-day work with professionalism. Pete has won Riviera salesman of the year 4 times and declares he is still good friends with the customer he sold his first boat to today. With a high performing sales CV he boasts 252 boat sales in the last 12 years. Described as hard working, he is dedicated to his customers by his seven-day availability. His real passion comes from applying his marine knowledge to a stronger focus on sports boats and a variation of that style. When Pete is not practicing the skill of sales, he likes to provide solutions to the many problems boat owners have.

Ross Taylor

“We specialise in boat customisations and over the years with the changing technologies and products, I think I’ve seen it all. I take great pride in all the work I do and what I enjoy the most is the challenge in making boats perfects for their new owners.”

Ross is likened to the master mariner, with over 30 years marine experience he inspires and leads his colleagues. His disciplined approach to shipwrighting, professionalism, customer service and building relationships with his customers is founded on principles he developed when working in an engineering and craftsperson capacity. Ross began with R Marine Sydney 11 years ago when the group was made up of 6 people and the boat electronics less sophisticated. These days there are more issues a shipwright deals with when it comes to the computer systems and less on engineering, repairs and fit-outs. Ross handles the designs and blueprints of customer boat customisation requests where he makes the impossible happen. Customers quickly recognise the wealth of his boat building knowledge Ross has to impart which always proves to be invaluable when trying to introduce large items into small spaces. Ross and his competent team of shipwrights, always consider it most fun to introduce a new galley or install safety equipment in a Riviera boat.

James Huggins

“I take great pride in detailing our boats even if just a wash down or a complete buff and polish. I know everything there is to know about fine detailing and maintenance services.”

More of a handy James than a detailer, he is a generalist whose activities include delivering boats from Queensland to helping the shipwrights customise or repair a Riviera boat. As a detailer he prepares boats for inspection, details boats after delivery and has them ready in time for handover. Customers boast of his attention to detail in getting boats to the point of final presentation. Rarely away from his beloved boats the Detailer with marine industry experience of 12 years is currently still part of the army reserve so when not on the wharf James is sharpening his skills on the field as opposed to the water. Previous careers have included diving to clean the bottom of racing yachts on the Sydney Harbour. Customer oriented, James spends a lot of his time delivering new boats. James loves to travel and his job permits this every day either it be from the Gold Coast to Rushcutters Bay or around the Sydney Harbour. His colleagues describe him as upbeat and optimistic, creating a working environment that is relaxed and conducive of lots of great ideas.

Chris Cohen

“We’re proud of the many refinements and customisations to boats that we include for our customers. I like the challenge of finding the perfect combination of fittings and accessories.”

Chris began his apprenticeship as a shipwright at R Marine Sydney in 2006. It was a great opportunity for Chris to join the R Marine Sydney Team and learn from Sydney’s most experienced shipwright team on and off Riviera’s. Throughout his time at R Marine Sydney Chris has gone from a helping hand in large-scale boats to overseeing projects on his own. He has honed his skills in many areas and is a valuable asset to the team. Chris shows a lot of pride in his work and this is demonstrated through the quality of gel-coat and two pack paint repairs. He is also very accomplished in the finer jobs of trade including varnish repairs and timber work. Whether it be fitting a tender to a foredeck or a washer/dryer to a pantry cupboard Chris takes the upmost care in delivering a quality finished product. One of his biggest learnings has been working with the customer and the service managers to deal with the customer expectations. Over time he has developed a depth of understanding in particular to what the customer wants and needs.

Simon Don

“It’s satisfying matching a client with a great boat and knowing the enjoyment they and their families will get from it. Nothing beats spending time on the water with family and friends.”

Simon has recently returned to R Marine Sydney after a 7 year hiatus, having previously worked with R Marine from 2003-2009. A long time boatie, Simon commenced his working life while still at school, driving tender boats for Middle Harbour Yacht Club and detailing boats for LDM Riviera Sales Sydney at Rushcutters Bay, at that time run by Lee Dillon. More recently Simon has been working as the National Sales and Marketing Manager for a business in the RV segment, based on the NSW South Coast. Simon is happy to return to Sydney and the boat industry, where his true passion lies. If you boat in Sydney you’ll likely see Simon on the water soon, so be sure to say G’day.