43 Open Flybridge with IPS


The same, but very different

Though descended from boats designed to fish for a living, and evolving into boats to fish for fun, the modern flybridge boat has come to serve many purposes. And like us all, needs to live up to many demands.

Because Riviera thoroughly researches and carefully listens to the way owners use their vessels, we’re always fine-tuning our concepts and designs — often our entire attitude.

Living la vita Riviera

Should you choose the 43 Open as your next boat, you would be choosing a boat that itself has been chosen — to lead the Riviera Flybridge lineage into the future.

Vital to this has been the realisation that man does not live by fishing alone. A boat must be able these days to also be the consummate entertaining vessel; the ultimate passage maker; the total family getaway; even the perfect home away from home, to afford extended living aboard, without pining for any shoreside comforts.

The main advancements embodied in the 43 Open can be painted in three broad and beautiful brushstrokes.

All hands on deck, and hull, and interior

For all the automation, the construction process also relies heavily on human eye and hand; not just for flawless finishing detail, but for the very hull itself.

Each hull and deck starts with a hand lay-up of fibreglass mat and resin to attain a particular Riviera hallmark: that stable, solid feel in a seaway.

A huge talent pool of artisans, craftsmen, engineers and designers lend their hands to luxurious and practical interiors too.

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Propelled into the future

The IPS propulsion system of the 43 is installed in accord with strict standards shared by both Riviera and Volvo.

Central to this is the hull shape aft of the 43.

Enhanced chine strakes run straight, to provide an excellent running surface for both speed and manoeuvrability, while a moderate vee forward rides well in a chop without sacrificing top end performance.

The IPS system’s twin engines are each coupled to geared pod drives to spin forward-facing, counter-rotating twin nibral alloy three-blade propellers that gain constant, firm purchase in nothing but clean, non-aerated water.