Lanolin Xtra


Formulated with more lanolin, offering greater protection in harsh and corrosive environments. Long lasting Marine grade protectant and lubricant. Non evaporative, resists wash off. Displaces and repells moisture, salt & acid resistant. Spray on anti-seize. Ideal for boat trailers, springs, wire cable, winch rope. Frees rusted parts, lubricates locks, hinges, pins & struts. Protects elecrical components including battery terminals.It revives plastic, vinyl, leather, metal and powder coated surfaces.

Highly recommended by the R Marine Sydney professional vessel maintenance technicians.


Lanolin Xtra is formulated with additional Lanolin to provide greater protection against harsh environments and corrosion. A marine-grade lubricant and protectant that lasts for a long time. Non-evaporative, resists washing off, displaces and repels moisture. It is salt and acid resistant and is an anti-seize spray.

It is ideal for boat trailers, springs, wire cables, and winch ropes. Removes rusted parts and lubricates locks, hinges, pins, and struts. Provides protection for electrical components, including battery terminals.

It restores the appearance of plastic, vinyl, leather, metal, and powder-coated surfaces.