Marine Fuel Treatment


Cleans entire fuel system – Restores Fuel Economy and Performance  – Conditions Fuel – Disperses Water and condensation – Treats Algae & Microbial Growth – Lubricates upper cylinders


R Marine’s Fuel Treatment is a high-tech formulation, utilising market leading technology to protect your vessels engines against poor quality fuels. This world class fuel treatment keeps your fuel system clean, restores lost power & fuel economy, and protects against condensation, algae and other contaminants found in contaminated fuels.

It’s water dispersant and biocide break down these elements, allowing them to pass through the engine during the combustion process, without causing damage to the engine or fuel system components. R Marine Fuel Treatment is a fuel conditioner,that can keep stored fuel for up to 2 years and restore stale fuel to a fresh state. Environmentally formulated, as many other formulas still use Hydrocarbons and diesel in their make-up. Dosage:
(All Vessels including Inboard, Outboard & PWC) Step 1) ShockTreat – Simply add 500ml per 100 litres of fuel before re-filling Step 2) Prevention Treat – Only requires 50ml per 100 litres of fuel before re-filling

NB: Shock treat dosage will have no detrimental effect to any fuel system components.

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