Salt Wash Boat Cleaner


An Australian Made, environmentally friendly and biodegradable concentrate containing natural substance derivatives and various natural plant decontamination active ingredients. For external cleaning, the thick dense foam can quickly and effectively remove built-up salt and from your vessel without leaving watermarks. The lubricant composition can effectively reduce the friction caused when cleaning whilst the polishing protective agent washes and shines.  Helps maintain a lasting shine and protection for all of  your saltwater vessels.
Also useful for removing salt from your Trailer, tow vehicle, fishing equipment etc.

Boat Salt Wash is specially formulated to remove salt and salt deposits from fibreglass, gelcoat, glass, plastics, vinyl and metal surfaces. For use on all vessels and personal watercraft.

A concentrate with active ingredients derived from natural sources that will quickly and effectively cleanse your vessels’ external surfaces, protecting from oxidisation and rust.

This product is also effective as a trailer and vehicle wash after exposure to marine environments. It’s ideal for washing anchors, chains, winches, fishing gear, protecting them from oxidisation, rust and expensive repair or replacement costs